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Lease or purchase new and used shipping containers for storage, export and conversion.

The shipping container is primarily designed for intermodal freight transport. It’s built for durability, ensuring that your goods will stay safe and dry during transit.

In transit, the container carries a heavy load-stacked high and subject to harsh conditions. However, its contents stay safe and dry all the while. In order to meet your storage needs, conversion projects and shipping requirements, we have containers of various sizes and formats. We have containers available in new and used condition. 

Do you need additional storage space?

We’ve got the perfect solution for you: Buy or lease weatherproof shipping containers for storage. Built for durability, the shipping container is a reliable and safe storage solution. Containers are designed with forklift pockets for easy handling, doors equipped with locking mechanisms to secure your belongings, and air vents to reduce humidity and condensation inside. The shipping container is the ideal ground-level access storage solution that is both safe and reliable. It’s ideal for use as a temporary or permanent solution, and it provides you with peace of mind knowing that your belongings are safe while they’re stored.

Buy cargo worthy, certified shipping containers for export.

Do you have goods to ship overseas? We want to help you get them there safely!  Each container we sell for export must be inspected and deemed suitable for maritime cargo transport. Our knowledgeable team of inspectors will provide you with the certification and export documents. Once you have the document in hand, you can ship away!

Build your dream container home!

Purchase shipping containers for your conversion project.
In recent years, the demand for containers has increased due to the popularity of shipping container architecture. Shipping containers are the ideal building materials because they are strong, durable, stackable, modular, customizable, mobile and relatively inexpensive. Therefore, many individuals build container homes, cottages, and even pools from containers. We have a variety of different sizes and shapes to choose from. Contact us today for more information and make your dream come true!

Why purchase or lease a container from KJS Containers?

We are committed to transparency and customer service excellence. We carefully explain our various products. Moreover, we take the time to understand your needs and concerns. Furthermore, we provide honest suggestions and set clear and realistic expectations to meet your needs.

We minimize risks and mishaps through vigilant quality control. All incoming containers are rigorously and methodically inspected. When the integrity of a container is compromised, we fix it to meet the quality standards we are known for. Finally, as a means of doubling down on quality control, we provide a secondary inspection at the pick-up point prior to delivery.

Buy or lease a shipping container.

The new one trip and used containers we have for sale and rent are available in different sizes and formats.

Container delivery service.

We deliver containers throughout Quebec and the eastern parts of Ontario.

Container modifications and customization.

When you purchase a new or used container, we can modify and customize it. We install steel roll up doors, garage doors, windows and man doors. We also offer the container painting service and a variety of paint options. Sure to transform the inside or the outside of your container.


Purchase shipping containers with confidence!

At KJS Containers all our containers are payable upon delivery, no deposit required.
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