Our insulated containers are only available as 40′ HC


40 insulated 400px

Exterior: 9’6″
Interior: 8’4″
Door: 8’4″

Exterior: 8′
Interior: 7’6″
Door: 7’6″

Exterior: 40′
Interior: 37′ 11″





  • Secure, wind and watertight
  • Portable and mobile
  • Provides additional storage at your location
  • Easy ground level access
  • May be used as a temporary or permanent storage
  • Upon certification may be used for shipping

40′ Non Operational Reefer Containers (Insulated)

An insulated container was once a functioning refrigerated container however today the refrigeration machinery is no longer serviceable. These containers are in wind & watertight condition and can be used for insulated storage purposes. Only available in used 40’ hi-cube format.

40′ Operational Reefer Containers

A functioning refrigerated container used to ship or store temperature sensitive products such as foods, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals. Stored or transported in such containers, products maintain freshness and efficacy. KJS Containers does not guarantee the refrigeration mechanism all operational reefer containers are sold as is.

Both these units are available only in the 40′ hi-cube used format

Used containers

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