20′ open side containers (only available as new/one trip boxes)
New 20 open side front view 400px

Exterior: 8’6″
Interior: 7’10” 1/4
Door: 7’6″ 1/4

Exterior: 8′
Interior: 7’8″ 5/8
Door: 7’8″ 1/8

Exterior: 20′
Interior: 19’4″1/4



000 lbs


  • Secure, wind and watertight
  • Portable and mobile
  • Provides additional storage at your location
  • Easy ground level access
  • All corten steel construction
  • May be used as a temporary or permanent storage
  • Upon certification may be used for shipping
  • Ideal for commercial structures such as restaurants, libraries and used as a building plateformes for container homes, cottages!

Other containers

The Open Side (OS) units share the same characteristics as standard 20’ containers. These types of containers are particularly suitable for the storage and transport of oversized merchandise. These containers can be loaded through the standard container doors, or through the full side access doors, which allow for easy loading with a forklift. These units are available in new (one trip) condition only.

Note: All new (one trip) containers are equipped with a lock box

New containers